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Oregon Sunset
Oregon Sunset is a Bloodgood red dwarf maple, which holds its color well through the summer. Oregon sunset occupies the space of a laceleaf in the landscape. Fall foliage is a garnet red.
Orido nishiki
Orido nishiki (Oridono nishiki) is a variegated green upright, leaf with sickle shaped cream and pink variegation. Second grow is a bright pink, unlike the cream of Karasagawa. The wood of Orido nishiki is often pink or striped with pink. (The rich colored fabric of the master)
Osakazuki is a large leafed green palmatum, recognized for its outstanding red fall color. New growth is an orangeish pink. It has a nice red seed set. Osakazuki is a large, big boned grower up to 25 feet tall by 15 feet wide. (Big cup of sake)
Oshio beni
Oshio beni is a red upright, with leaves more orange than red. It fades to bronze red in heat of summer. It has excellent wide branching, forming a tree as wide as tall to about 18 feet. The fall color of Oshio beni is a good garnet red. (Red press)
Oshu shidare
Oshu shidare is a weeping willow form of Japanese maple, similar to Omurayama, but red. The plant doesn't show weeping characteristics at a young age. Its foliage is orange red, fading to red green in summer. Fall color is a good orange red. Oshu shidare is a small round headed plant to 12 feet.
Otaki is a green Acer japonicum with divided leaves. The leaves are not as divided as Fernleaf. It has outrageous fall colors; red, gold and orange. Otaki forms a stocky plant to about 16 feet.
Otome zakura
Otome zakura is a variegated upright, brilliant salmon pink in spring. It is similar to Shindeshojo or Beni maiko but slower growing. It will make a smaller tree to about 12 foot, as wide as tall. (Maiden cherry)
Otto Dissectum
Lace Leaf
Otto's dissectum is a nice laceleaf with red spring foliage that fades to green in the summer. It is a good grower that gives a different look at different times in the summer. Fall color is red.
Pacific Sprite
Pacific Sprite is a columnar form of Acer circinatum. Leaves are green and crinkled. Even at maturity Pacific Sprite remains narrow, taller than wide to about 14'. Fall color is yellow orange.
Peaches And Cream
Peaches and Cream is a member of the coleus or Aka shigitatsu sawa group. New foliage is greenish cream and rose red with distinctive reticulated veins. It retains its coleus look longer than Aka shigitatsu sawa, especially when planted in partial shade. Peaches and Cream has yellow orange fall color.
Peve Multicolor
Peve multicolor is a beautiful variegated upright palmatum. It is one of the prettiest palmatum in the spring, changing from orange to white to green in the summer. Fall color is orange. Mature height is unknown, but will probably be around 12 to 14'.
Pine Bark
Pine Bark is a green upright maple with palmatum leaf. Bark is corky and pine like in texture, adding winter interest to this strong growing tree. It has truly excellent rosy red to tail light red fall color. Pine Bark is a husky plant, as wide as tall, to about 20'. There is much confusion on the true Japanese name of this cultivar, so Pine Bark is used as a compromise name.
Pink (Rubra)
Another classic, the pink blooming Florida dogwood. The pink dogwood your grandmother had. The biggest and oldest dogwoods are probably Rubra.
Pixie is a red upright with vigorous tight growth. Pixie is narrow and almost columnar when young. It holds deep purple color throughout the summer. Pixie remains semi columnar, rounding out with age to about 15 feet. It has nice red fall color. Pixie is not a dwarf.
Purple Ghost
Purple Ghost's spring color is a brick red with black veins. It is a better grower than the similar Kasagiyama. In summer variegated color fades to red. Fall color is garnet. Purple ghost will be a small tree to 15 feet tall and 8 feet wide.
Pygme is a flat growing dwarf maple, slower growing than Kiyohime yatsubusa. New growth is yellow green, developing to a medium green as the leaf matures. It will be 5 foot wide by 2 foot tall in ten years.
Red Baron
Red Baron is a red upright developed by Dick Wolff; creator of Emperor 1. Its color is purple red and holds during heat of summer. The plant is upright but wide branching. Red Baron is rapid growing and makes an excellent specimen tree. It may reach 20 feet at maturity.
Red Cloud
Red Cloud is a red linearlobum type maple, similar to Atrolineare. New growth is orange red in color, forming a pillowy cloud wider than tall. It will form a tree 12 foot by 12 foot at maturity. Red Cloud has nice red fall color.
Red Dawn
Red Dawn is a red Acer shirasawanum palmatum cross. It is a vigorous grower, probably as wide as tall, to about 16 feet. Fall color is orangish red. Being a red A. shirasawanum makes this variety very desirable.
Red Dragon
Lace Leaf
Red Dragon is a red dissectum, more true red in color than other laceleafs. It is a slower grower than the other common laceleafs. It is a good plant in situations where the laceleaf needs to remain small. Red Dragon has good red fall color.
Red Filigree Lace
Lace Leaf
Red Filigree Lace has extremely fine cut laceleaf foliage. It is a very slow growing variety, and is best thought of as a collector maple. Fall color is a bright crimson.
Red Palmatum
Red Palmatum (Atropurpereum) is the red seedling form of Acer palmatum. It is the poor man's Bloodgood. Summer color is variable from purple red to green. Fall color is usually a good orange red.
Red Pygmy
Red Pygmy is a dwarf maple with fine linear lobes. It is red in the spring, fading to green, and then straw gold. Fall color is orange red. Mature height can exceed 12 feet.
Rhode Island Red
Rhode Island Red is an excellent red dwarf, fading to red green in the heat of summer. It will form a globe to about 5' in diameter. Fall color is scarlet.
Royale is red witches broom dwarf. Spring growth is a pinkish red, maturing to purple red. It will grow to about 5', taller than wide. Fall color is scarlet.

Showing: Results 176 - 200 of 282 << < 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  > >>