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Fjellheim is a witches broom from Sango kaku. It retains all the characteristics of its parent, beautiful coral branches and lime green leaves. It forms a compact bush taller than wide. Fall color is a Sango kaku orange.
Lace Leaf
Flavescens is a weeping mounding laceleaf with distinctive yellow green foliage. It makes a good contrast with the other laceleafs. The fall color of Flavescens is a bright yellow to orange.
Garden Glory
Garden Glory is a beautiful Acer shirasawanum by palmatum cross. New foliage is yellow and orange which matures to a bright green. It will grow to about 12' tall and about half as wide. Fall color is orange and garnet.
Lace Leaf
Garnet is a vigorous red laceleaf with somewhat coarser leaves. Branching is strong and more horizontal than most dissectums, forming a nice wide specimen. Leaf color is more garnet red than purple and has excellent orange red fall color.
Glen– Del is a dwarf upright Acer circinatum with every leaf different from the next. Color varies by leaf, from cream and green to purple. It is not a strong grower, so mature height will be in the 8' range.
Goshiki kotohime
Goshiki kotohime is close to Shishigashira in habit, but is more dwarf. It sometimes has beautiful pink and white variegation on its second growth. It is one of the first maples to leaf out in the spring, so it needs frost protection. (Dwarf old harp)
Green Cascade
Lace Leaf
Green Cascade is a weeping Acer japonicum laceleaf. Branching is somewhat irregular. This gives an oriental look, similar to Fernleaf. Fall color is an outstanding mix of oranges and reds.
Green Filigree
Lace Leaf
Green Filigree is a weeping laceleaf, lime green in color. Leaves are green with cream markings on edges. It is somewhat slower growing than most dissectums. It has a rich yellow orange color in the fall
Green Hornet
Lace Leaf
Green Hornet is a vigorous green laceleaf. New growth is an orange red. The fall color of Green Hornet is a nice red, unusual in a green dissectum.
Green Mist
Lace Leaf
Green Mist is a mounding green laceleaf, similar to Virdis. Its foliage is a little more delicate than Virdis, and it is a slower grower. Fall color is orange to red.
Green Palmatum
Green Palmatum is the underappreciated majestic green seedling. It is fast growing and adaptable to many climates. Form is upright when young, spreading as it matures. Fall color is yellow to orange to red.
Green Trompenburg
Green Trompenburg is a similar plant to Trompenburg, but it is a slower grower. Leaves are a deep green, with the leaf lobes curling under. It will mature to a larger Japanese maple around 20 feet. Fall color is yellow and garnet.
Griseum is called the paper bark maple. It has beautiful peeling cinnamon bark on a graceful upright tree. The three lobed leaves come out chocolate brown and turn green as the leaf matures. Griseum has beautiful scarlet fall foliage.
Hana matoi
Lace Leaf
Hana matoi is a new red variegated laceleaf from Japan. It can be compared to Toyama nishiki, but its color is a much better red. Fall color is red. This plant has economic potential.
Hanami nihiki
Hanami nishiki is a green dwarf maple with thumbnail sized palmatum leaves and tiny secondary leaves. It makes a pleasing tight bush. It is perfect for bonsai or as a patio plant. (Flower viewing for the season of cherry blossom)
Heart Throb
A Don Schmidt Nursery patent, has glossy green foliage with a touch of red on the tips. Flower color is a deep red, at least as dark as 'Cherokee Chief'. Flowers are larger than the specie (around 4” in diameter) and last well, in Oregon sometimes as much as 2 months. 'Heart Throb'™ is a heavy bloomer and compares favorably with all other red flowering kousas. Fall color is a nice red.
Hefner's Red
Hefner's Red is a formal red upright. It is reputed to hold its color better than any other red upright in the south. It is on every southerner's wish list. Hefners Red is a worthwhile addition to the red upright group.
Herbstfeuer is a formal green upright Acer circinatum. Spring foliage is a pleasing yellow green. Leaves mature to a dark green, becoming tinged with purple in late summer. Herbstfeuer has excellent orange red fall color.
Higasayama is a variegated upright. Its second year wood has cream and red edges on green leaves. Higasayama has spectacular spring buds in shape of a fiddle head. New growth is of a green palmatum leaf. Higasayama's form is semi columnar and it has orange and red fall foliage.
Hippy fin mo
Hippy fin mo is an upright green vase with leaves curling upwards. It is virtually identical to Okushimo, but may be wider spreading. Fall color is yellow.
Hogyoku is a compact formal upright palmatum with rich glossy green foliage. Fall color is an outstanding orange and red. Hogyoku makes an attractive specimen growing up to 18 feet, taller than wide. (A jewel)
Hoshi kuzu
Hoshi kuzu is a variegated dwarf palmatum. Foliage is green and cream with sickle shaped lobes reminiscent of Butterfly. It will form a round ball to about 6'. Fall color is orange.
Hubb's Red Willow
Hubb's Red Willow (Hobbs) is a linearlobum variety similar to Atrolineare, but more of a true red in color. Leaves have distinctive saw tooth serrations. Hubbs Red Willow is a stocky plant, and gives a full appearance when young.
Hupp's Dwarf
Hupp's Dwarf is a choice compact green dwarf maple. It is slow growing but upright. Mature size is around 5 foot, taller than wide. Hupps dwarf is suitable for bonsai. Fall color is orange
Ibo juhi
Ibo juhi is a dwarf version of Pine bark maple. The rough bark starts to form on third year wood, new foliage is orange. It will grow in a teardrop shape to about 3'. Fall color is orange.

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